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Who are the Grandma Apes?

Welcome to the Grandma Apes Spa Club! The grandma apes are young behaving, semi naughty, adrenaline pushing grandmas that love to hang out with their girlfriends at the spa club. The grandma apes like to get their cocktails (with extra booze) at the spa lounge and have fun while living their best life at the spa club with their girls! The spa club serves as a safe haven for the grandmas to get together and tap into the younger version of themselves!



Jonathan Delucia - Fully Voxxed

The Voice of Crypto

Serial entrepreneur , NFT Degen, the man with many voices, business owner, above average gamer, and an appetite for success.

Nico "Mr. Pickles"


Avid Crypto Investor BSC/ERC20 Marketing Guru Pretend Chart Analysis Expert 100% Fully Pickled


The project is a collection of 7,777 uniquely generated NFTs stored in the Ethereum chain. Each Grandma NFT is based on 7+ attributes with different rarities. A Grandma NFT is not simply a PFP, but it provides its holder with an exclusive access to the Grandma Ape Spa Club ecosystem. Owning a Grandma will give you access to an exclusive community, perks, future airdrops, and much more.

Total Supply is 7,777 Grandmas , of which 13 are 1:1 legendaries. 3 of these legendaries will be auctioned post mint , and the whole proceeds of the auction will be donated to breast cancer charity .

Whitelist price: 0.05eth. Public sale: 0.045eth.

Minting will be on a dedicated portal on our website.

-White List mint: 5/18/2022. -Public mint: 5/19/2022.

-White List: max 10 per wallet. -Public sale: Max 25 per transaction.

By doing what it takes to own a Grandma, through joining our Discord, being active , and attending our twitter spaces. We continuously monitor the activity of our members on discord , and reward our active members.

Download Metamask, buy Ethereum, and wait for mint.

Grandma Ape Spa Club is a unique forward-thinking project, and currently has no affiliation with any other NFT project.

-OpenSea. -LooksRare. -MemeNFT.

24 Hours after full mint out.